Alexander bollbach

Saint Debugger

Personal GitHub contains much of my code that pertains to Particle Player and other projects I am currently working on.  I am a proponent of open-source software.

Particle Player is an ongoing project that is live on the App Store.  This app deals in depth with graphics and audio programming to provide a unique experience to any electronic musician.  Over time, I plan to incorporate new features, and expand this into a full-fledged music production environment.


Auto-Musica is a cellular automaton.  This simple 2d matrix and its set of rules can simulate a simplified universe.  On top of the traditional visual simulation I am incorporating sound.  The goal is to achieve the most harmonious sounds from the most chaotic movements of the cells.  Auto-Musica is currently in development.

Working with lighting and real-time visuals has been a passion of mine for years.  I have integrated MIDI with projection mapping for a national company and  have provided visual displays for top clubs in NYC.   I also have experience with lighting  controls for public venues.  Visual processing is an aspect of software I'm very interested in.

Electronic Music is where my love for computers started.  Designing sounds and composing tracks was my first real passion and I gathered a sizable fanbase and had original music played around the world, on BBC Radio, and in major clubs.  

When I'm not doing anything code related, I am learning science or math.  Currently, I'm refreshing my basics (trig, calc, geometry, algebra, etc..)  Besides being a nerd and finding these things interesting, I believe over time they will assist me in software engineering..  Some more advanced topics that I'm interested in are digital signal processing and 3d graphics rendering.